Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KMAT-Spay and neuter your dogs people

I've seen the dogs in my neighborhood-very few are breeding stock by any stretch of the imagination.  Your female, who you don't intend breed, in heat, causes all kinds of chaos in the dog community at large-even in my pack of neutered males.

Your males are jumping fences and getting into fights.  Neuter them dammit.

You can go to one of the many low cost clinics-if you don't have time and 5 dollars to drop your dog off and pick it up-you don't need a dog.  Oh, yeah, they have to be vaccinated.  Can't keep up with that either?  You don't need a dog.  Disagree?  Kiss MY ASS.

Pets are not rights, they are responsibilities.  As an adult, what are you teaching your kids about responsibility if you don't take proper care of a pet?  Learning experience my ASS.  At least for learning the right lessons.  How is teaching your child to abandon an animal to the backyard and ignore its basic needs teaching your child anything about what he/she needs to learn to grow up to be a decent person.  Disagree?  Kiss My Ass.


Michele said...

I agree about taking care of pets. It makes me so sad when I see any kind of animal that has been abandoned or not taken care of. My neighbor is always taking in stray animals. She is a good person. For my own KMAT, I'd like to send out a big KMA to the bad customer service in retail stores. I had two awful experiences yesterday, one at Macy's and one at Target. Come on people. How hard is it to just think, be helpful, be nice? Really? Is that too much to ask for. Now I'm having to go back to both stores today to clear up the messes from yesterday.

Renee said...

As I'm hearing the story I'm laughing my head off at the kiss my ass. har har.....

You are so funny.

I read on a lady 'Doris' blog where her neighbours moved and left the cat. How do people do these things. Like I would think their bets are part of their family.

Love Renee xoxo

kj said...

there's a certain sexiness when you get indignant....


Debra Kay said...

My pets ARE my family and I get along better with them than my human family members.

Mareydenis said...

You go, Low Carb Debra!

How hard is this? Especially with low cost clinics these days. Ugh.

No functional bits left in my house, save for my own dusty ones. Thank FSM Jack's not contributing to the gene pool. He goes after me any time I try to play my Wii Fit! Quirky bastiid. I love him, but he does not need to reproduce, and thankfully never will.

I know enough about dog breeding to know I don't know near enough to do it.

Debra Kay said...

I really mourned when I spayed Molly, she's structurally perfect and mentally sound. But, so is her mother and her sister, and they are still breeding. Border collies as a breed don't NEED me to help, at least in that way.

Solo is shaping up to be perfect too-but he's a carrier of CEA-and we are trying to stamp that out.

Moon is a great dog, but he's smallish for a male, and has some high strung issues that I wouldn't want to breed into a line.

This is leading up to the rant where people "Love their dogs sooooo much" they have to breed them. Pish. Love your dog the way it loves you-seeing your faults and all.

The fact that I wouldn't breed my dogs doesn't mean I don't love them. Moon would cut out his heart and hand it to me if I asked-how can you NOT love that?

amy denton said...

I have a 4 month old rottweiler cross husky malamute, and yesterday i took on a rescue dog, she is 1 and a half years old, not spayed, and is in heat at the moment, makes me so angry that people are so irresponsible. as soon as she is not in heat, she is getting spayed, and as soon as my pup is old enough he will be neutered to. Dont people realise what they are doing to their dogs by not getting them done, i cant imagine how aggitating it must be for them.