Thursday, November 12, 2009

Others we have lost

I seem to get news quite frequently of pet losses, and they remind me of my own.  When I was writing this poem, for them, and for my own loves, I thought of this gull.  I met him my last day in Provincetown, I was having lunch at Bubala's and he thought it a good idea to share some of my leftovers.  He seemed to know me.

Anyway, here is the poem for those constant companions who have left us.

No hole in my heart where you were
Just a place that's only for you
Keeping you near, always near
My friend, you always knew my name

Never apart, never apart
We will never be apart
There's a place in my heart just for you
My friend, you always knew my name

Seasons change, come and go
People, places, names and things
Nothing stays the same
My friend, you always knew my name

Maybe we have this one life
If we'll have more, I can't say
But this I know, I know for sure
My friend, you always knew my name


kj said...


oh debra kay. your love is so present. i am delighted to read my first poem of yours/ yay! please share more, anytime.

that gull at bubala's does look like your friend. i love all your references to my (our) beloved ptown.

guess who

Mim said...

Big Gulp. little sob.

lovely debs

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is a great poem Debra. I am glad you addressed the saying of hole in the heart. I too feel like my dearly beloved passed ones are in my heart without it looking like swiss cheese.

studio lolo said...

It's a keeper in my stash pile.

This is a young gull who doesn't have his flight wings yet. He depends on Mom for his meals, or the kind diners at Bubalas ;)

Wasn't ptown memorable? It just keeps popping up in our posts.

soulbrush said...

you wrote this? again you astound me. thanx