Saturday, January 31, 2009

Complete Exhaustion is good

I went to a Jewel concert last night. It was at a casino. I won 180 dollars while waiting for the concert. Concert was great. Went out after to a bar a did a little dancing. Came home, goofed around till 2 ish. Up at 8 and out by 9 and spent the day at the stables. Had a nice ride. Did I accomplish anything? I'm not sure, other than that I'm not so frozen inside. Maybe that has merit too.

I bet I sleep well tonight too.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sounds like a great way to break through. Sometimes you have to do something out of the ordinary to wake up the system.

kj said...

sounds to me like you had two terrific days in a row. and why not?!

Debra Kay said...

Oh, it doesn't stop here---the Eukanuba Cup is on tonight-a 3 hour dog show fest. I have an organic gardeing magazine to flip through when it gets slow. I usually get antsy during the hound group, but since my riding instructor has hounds, I've come to like them better than I used to. (Also, Oliver the dog is very houndlike in personality, so I think I understand them better than I did).

Plus, Mr. Bird is doing his sound effects-coughing, farting and screaming WAAAAAAH! and that never fails to make me smile. I'm really pretty easily amused.

Mim said...

(blogger is acting wierd) - glad to hear that you had a busy few days - I think there's nothing like being with friends, and some excercise to make one feel good. And winning 180 clams - I've never won anything and am impressed.

studio lolo said...

did you accomplish anything?? Uh, yeah. A great day!!

Wow...Jewel and $180. Yup, that's a good day. Plus the riding!