Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Current Events

Since not much is going on with me worth commenting on, I turned to current events today and watched the inauguration.  And dang it, I felt better than when I started.

I liked seeing the former Presidents all together-for some reason I've always liked that.  I liked seeing all the happy faces-I don't think I've seen enough happy humans lately.  Note to self: Look for more happy people.

After the oath, I went to my folks for coffee and told my father that while I mean no disrespect to him or any other white man, seeing someone who is NOT a white man in a position of power make me feel like I can achieve more.  I did not tell Daddy that I keep seeing Mrs. O's brother and think he's kind of cute in a bald black man sort of way.  I don't think Dad is ready for that yet.

Oliver the parrot is pleased.  Obama is a fun word to say- and he'll be hearing it on the news a lot for awhile, so he's chuffed about that.  To celebrate I gave him a coffee filter to shred during the cermonies.  He also hung upside down and rang his bell.

The bad boyz just kept up their usual parakeet chorus.  I didn't realize that a flock of birds will sing ALL day long.  Constantly.  In order to cope, I have to leave the TV off-the bird background noise is enough.  A parakeet chorus is a funny thing-they will all sing in harmony, but periodically one will break out with his own wild solo.  It's hard to remember that a few weeks ago these birds sat silent and huddled.

One thing I found strangely sad-Bush left before the lunch.  I know it's the whole changing of the guard and yadda yadda, but it seems rude to invite someone to a party and not give them at least a sandwich.  Momma told me he'll get a nice lunch on Air Force One-now just a special mission plane.  I am not a Bush supporter, but I would still give him a sandwich if he came to my party.  But that's just me.


Mim said...

And you are a sweetie to be thinking of the ex pres on a day like today.
HAW to Oliver and the flock,

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Haw to Oliver and the Chorus Line. I am glad you are feeling better after watching some of the hooplah.

soulbrush said...

yup, all very touching, and why the hell not give someone a sandwich i say. but most of all i say' power to the feathered inhabitants in your household, sounds like merry mayhem to me. haw to you all.gobamago, and golivergo!
wordveri:sallie (who the hell is sallie?)

studio lolo said...

Maybe Bush left because he had other plans he couldn't get out of. Sounds like the inauguration would have been in his plans for a while though. Or maybe it was ll just too much for him. Still, a sandwich to go would have been nice :)
It was an emotional day. I pray Obama is all the hope we need him to be, and more. I have faith in that guy!