Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Oliver (errr) Animal Wednesday!!!!

Helllllloooooooooooo!  It's MY day again.  Yesssssssss!  Front and Center Stage for Meeeeeee!

The woman has gone out on some mission or another-mentioned something to me about a massage and a facial-hope it puts her in a cheerier mood.  I really can't complain too much, yesterday I got a coffee filter to shred in the morning and in the afternoon I got a paper sack with peanuts in it.  Oh, that was fun fun fun.  Shredding is good for the soul-you should all try it sometime.  

I am working working working to teach those parakeets, but the only noises they make so far are parakeet noises.  Still, they are young and they are NOT African Greys.  I really enjoy having other birds around, especially since these don't talk, are NOT front and center, and they admire me greatly.  Admiration is a heady drug for us all, hehehehhehheheeeeeee.

In other animal doings, the stupid cat jumped in the cage when the woman was moving the BIG python.  THAT was quite a moment.  The big snake moved back and hissed, the cat jumped back and hissed and the woman just held on to the snake and shoved the cat out of the way before anything more exciting could happen.  Heh heh heh.  Dumb cat.  Oh, that cat was so surprised....heh heh heeeeeee.  Just goes to show, it pays to LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!!!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good to hear from you Oliver. Sure wish I could see a picture of you. I can see you in my minds eye but the rest of me would like that more tactile sight.

Your cat is a silly beast. You are quite right of course. One should look before leaping. HAW to you and your Woman.

Mim said...

Glad that snake wasn't hungry - that would have been funny - and maybe snap snap there goes a little birdy.
OH NOOOO - that would not happen in Deb's house.
HAW to you Oliver have fun!

studio lolo said...

No was the cat!!! eeeks, I'm so glad no one became dinner!

Oliver, I think you giggled (nervous laughter) when the cat went into the cage. I think your squawk is worse than your bite and you really don't want to see any of the (lesser) animals get hurt.
You are ONE FINE feathered friend.
Ssssshhhh, I know it's a secret!

studio lolo said...


Debra Kay said...

Hah hah hah-HAW! I'm glad no one got hurt-it's like that T-shirt that says "It's funny till someone loses an eye".....hahhhhhhh.

I have new words. When I'm in trouble, the woman calls me Mr. Bird in a very stern tone. I've been mocking her today, trilling Ooooooooh Mr. Bird, Sweet Mr. Bird.........I like that, it sounds very dignified. I think Mr. Bird is going to be my spy name.

The woman had her facial and massage and went for some sushi afterward. Sushi didn't agree with her and she came home and puked-it reminded me of a seagull! HAHHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

soulbrush said...

now don't you go laughing at your woman, be a good parrot...

Debra Kay said...

I AM a good, pretty pretty bird. MISTER BIRD, that's ME!