Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beam Me Up Scotty: No Pup Yet UPDATE

The original Pup, the one this one was in place of

Beam Me Up Scotty: No Pup Yet

became available.  Same thing happened with Moonie too.  If the picking order works out, I will take her and make it work, however it needs to work.  She is out of the litter I wanted, and is just what I visualized, and was the only solid red smoothie.  But several people ahead of me had a similar vision, so it didn't look like it was going to happen.  And it might NOT, but it might.

Essentially, it puts this pup one generation closer to Moon's great Grandmother, Pearl, who I adore.  The pups mother looks (except for being red) a lot, an awful lot, like Pearl.  The sire is Moon's sire, Sage.  I feel like Same/Sire, one step back on the family tree, I can pretty well predict this pup would be a ripper.

So, I really hope it is meant to be and my feeling of "wait" was just for this event.  I would have been truly heartbroken if I had brought home the other pup (who was nice too) and then my red smoothie girl became available, because there is no way I could manage two pups that close in age.

I'm excited, but not fearful.  I really think what is meant to be in this case will happen.   But she WOULD be the perfect dog to herd pairs with Moon.  So, yeah, I've crossed my fingers.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope the pup you are waiting for comes.

studio lolo said...

I wish you showed a picture of her so I could put her in my mind and send her to you! I'm not that powerful, but you get my drift.
I hope you get her!

studio lolo said...

I'm squeeeeeaaaaling with excitement!! A red pup for Valentine's Day.
It's meant to be :)