Friday, January 2, 2009

Hmmm, ahhhh

This is one of those days where you just have to keep trying something till it works. I even toyed with the idea of canceling my riding lesson tomorrow-but Patricia needs the money, and Bailey needs to earn his living. And riding WILL make me feel better, it always does.

I sat in front of the blue full spectrum box, considered taking a class, went to lunch with Mom and Dad, took Moon for a drive, went to the Goodwill and found jeans in my size and style (that never happens for me).

I gave Oliver his new toy and he's all excited about that. The bad boyz budgies are settling in (with help from my humidifier) and are acting like they might just like it here. Willie, the one that almost got away, is actually pretty friendly and bold-I liked that about him from the first moment I saw him (which is why I gave him my favorite name).

Guess I'll go clean up some snake poop or something-that always cheers me up.


Bebedores do Gondufo said...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Cheer up girl. Go ride that hoss and make friends with your budgies. What does Oliver think of those new birds in his territory?

Debra Kay said...

He likes the noises they make, and he does a fly by every now and then to impress them, since HE is free to move about and THEY are caged. I'll keep an eye on him though-he's smart enough to open their cage door, and he would just for grins and to steal their toys.

studio lolo said...

I'm curious about what snake poop looks like. I think that's the only kind of poop I've never had to clean up. I guess "poop happens" with all beings.

kj said...

happy new year debra kay!


ps the verif. is ingshnit. that's kind of like poop, isn't it?

soulbrush said...

pictures of oliver doing a flyby please, i have to come and visit you one day, may stay for a year, just watching your feathered and furry friends. must be a hoot living in your house, and hey i can do poop for you too!

studio lolo said...

TMI Soulbrush!!!!

Debra Kay said...

Snakes poop like birds-urates and fecal matter out of the same outlet. Urates is usually just chalky white, and that is the most common present.

Feces varies from snake to snake. Most of mine go about once every two weeks or so and it's a longish capsule thing-just your normal old turd basically. If they eat a lot of fiber (birds) it might be a little fluffier and every now and then, just like people, they have a bout of the runs.

Sunny, the Borneo Short Tail saves his up and goes once a month or so and it's a pile about the size that a 15 pound dog would make. I made a comment to him the first time I saw it, then I realized that in the realm of poopdom, it wasn't really all that amazing. (But for a snake poop it was impressive).

My pythons all poop in the corners or sides of their cages. The kingsnake I used to have (Elvis) would just let it fly wherever happened to be.

There is some tie in with a shed and a poop-usually a snake who sheds also poops at the same time or shortly thereafter.

My snakes usually also poop at about the same time (or at least on the same day) but they also eat on similar schedules so that may not be all that special.

Some people soak their snakes on a regular schedule to get them to poop in the bathtub. My snakes are all relatively small, so I just let them poop when they want to, but if they haven't gone in awhile, I will pop them in for a soak and a poo (and yes, I clean out the bathtub before I use it again....LOL).