Thursday, January 1, 2009

Waylon, Willie and the Boys are here

Waylon, Willie, George, Johnny, Merle and Charlie are here. The one who will probably be known as Willie escaped from the cage right into the jaws of the cat, then zoomed around Prissy, into the kitchen and then into a hall cabinet before his ultimate rescue/capture. After using a laundry net to capture the errant Willie, I figured out how to move the others without incident or fuss.

Before going to pick up the birds, I spent an extra 97 dollars on toys and food since I already bought a cage for them. After learning the full story, and seeing the aftermath, I would cheerfully spend $697 dollars for a gun to shoot the person who did that in both kneecaps before leaving THEM on the side of a road with an impending cold front.

150 birds were left, I think 80 something are still living, some just barely, but hanging on, clinging to life the way only a very tiny, fragile creature can. Feathers fluffed, breathing in raggedy breaths, but still breathing, still eating, fighting to live. A high percentage of them had broken legs and feet-from being slammed inside feeder trays-apparently the person was too busy to make sure tiny bones were out of harms way before shutting the trays.

Sadder still, this the second big box of birds that has been left by the road to die recently. These animals were treated with less care and concern than I give to my feeder rats. I try and try not to be negative, to remain positive and think about the good life that the birds will have now. But every time I look at them, I am filled with rage and fear.

And not just fear of the person who did this. Fear that I really could, with no remorse, shoot them in the kneecaps and leave them by the side of the road. That side of me is hard to look at, but there it is.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Boxes of poor defenseless birds by the roadside is a poor commentary about some in our society.

You are doing a good thing taking in the country western stars. I hope soon they recover from their trauma and are singing up a storm giving ole Oliver a run for your attention.

soulbrush said...

and i would help you leave them on the side of the road, in the cold without any clothes!
you saint you, and as for oliver, i can just picture his face...and that makes me grin-really grin. my first real grin this year, cheers me up just thinking of him watching all these shenanagans.
wordveri:feothgrs (could be feathers!)

studio lolo said...

Debra, I have to tell you that is does my heart good to hear you say the same words that have come out of my mouth regarding cruel people.I'm a peace-loving kind person and I always try to live my life without judging others. The people who abuse animals don't fall under that category with me. I'm sorry, but I truly believe I could commit murder if I caught someone in the act of abuse. I'd like to think I'd stop myself after kneecap damage but I'm not sure rage wouldn't take over. But then that wouldn't make me any better than them, so perhaps a good beating would suffice and then I wouldn't throw my life away in jail.I know a lot of abusers have "issues" but WTF, take it out on yourself, not helpless creatures.
Bless your big heart. And I love the names :)

Stapeliad said...

I really gets me how ppeople can be so cruel and heartless to our animal friends.

I took in rescue rats for a few years...I'm sure you can just imagine the kinds of stuff we came across with them. I love rats...they are so cool. When my daughter is older I'll get her a pair. Rescue babies of course.

Those birds are so lucky to have you.