Wednesday, January 14, 2009


While some of us are moping, others of us continue our lives and the running of other's lives. Under my tutelage and the woman's feeding, the young 'keets have become downright boisterous. When they get too loud I say "Boys, boys, quiet!" When the cat wants in, I say "MEOW MEOW" until the woman comes and lets the cat in. The slims, well, they can just wait.

I live in the front part of the house now-not evening going into the back to sleep. I'm very proud of myself for how comfortable I've become-well, I SHOULD be. It's hard for parrots to go through so many changes, and now I pretty much run this empire all on my own. The woman informed me today she has purchased plastic containers for all bird feed as she does not like it when I go on walkabout and feed myself. Does she really think I will be thwarted by plastic? HAH! I welcome the challenge.

Now, I really would like to learn to open that big white box that the craps (grapes) are in. There are sometimes peppers and broccoli in there too. And CHEESE. She keeps all the good stuff in that white box. I don't like broccoli though-when she gives it to me I carry it over and toss it into the box the cat uses.....ooooooooooh, that's funny funny funny funny. My favorite is the cheese and the craps. Sometimes I stand in front of the white box and say "crap crap crap" and the woman laughs and gives me one.

She finally got around to opening her mail, or at least some of it. Lolo is a talented artist who captured the essence of the African Grey sense of humor with her card. A big mmmmwaaaaaaah (kissing noise) to you! It was a pretty pretty card! PRETTY!

OOOOOOOH, I wish you could all have a wonderful pretty pretty bird like me......HAW!


kj said...

that "woman" is one cool chick! it's best your remember that, even when you're in charge. and that white box should probably drop the broccoli, huh, and just stick to the essential goodies.

always a pleasure to hear you squawking oliver. we should all follow your lead...


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Oliver, I wish I had a big handsome bird like you too. You would have lots of fun bossing around my big white dog Luna. Luna wishes you a HAW.

Debra Kay said...

Yes yes yes-SQUAWK MORE and FEEL BETTER I say! When I don't like something, the whole world KNOWS and when I'm happy, I tell everyone too.

Bossing a big dog would be sooooo much fun. Our biggest dog is called Moon-that's English for Luna. (I'm multiliqual).

soulbrush said...

forget the parrot, give me the big white box...ha ha only kidding oliver...okay oliver i take it back, okay i apologise...okay i will go on my knees and kiss your feet!!
wordveri is: pelees (pelees forgive me oliver and HAW)

studio lolo said... nice to hear from you today!! I love the white box too. It keeps my wine chilled :P
I will however, NEVER look at grapes the same again! Craps, you say?

Hey, sounds to me like your "woman" is taking pretty good care of you and making sure your larder is stocked.
No, I didn't call you lard ass. You are way too sensitive on Wednesdays!

I'm glad the keets are falling in line and waiting for your next command. I'm sure they love being under your tutaledge...bossy bugger. Huh, what?
Nuthinnnnnnnnnnn :)

HAW to you and the woman of the place. And smooch right back at ya!

Mim said...

Oliver - you make my day boy!

Debra Kay said...

Ooooooh, I love it when you comment on my day....she let's me come back and reply. It's Thursday and I'm blogging still..........hahhahhhhaahhaaaaaaaa.

She's going out in a bit and I'm mentally ordering her to put on the Opera music before she leaves......MY WILL BE DONE..........waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Julie said...

OK...that was fun...I read back through your blog until I discovered all on my own what CRAPS were, and I didn't even have to ask or be a big fat nerd for not knowing until now! LOL.

xoxo...hope you are feeling better!