Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Monica (Sauls dog crazy daughter) and I went along the fence posts and carved names of dogs and such into the cement of the posts.  Saul laughed and admitted that he let Jessica, his other daughter, put her name in the corner post.

I put Dottie's name in one post, along with Prissy.  Monica put her name, and her dogs name (Cookie) in her post.  We put a paw print of Moonie and Cookie on another post.  That bit of voodoo done, I immediately felt better about the whole thing.

Then we talked about how maybe some day someone would come along and unearth the pillars and see the carvings and wonder who all those beings were.


studio lolo said...

I like that you included the one's who've passed :)

I can picture you stopping at the tile when you go in the door. Thank you. I like that.

Debra Kay said...

Dottie is never far from me-she's in my heart always and in the hearts of the pack. I suppose Moonie is the first of the dogs not to know her, but I think he would recognize her immediately if she suddenly appeared.

I still call Priss Dottie sometimes, but I did that all the time when Dot was alive, and mean no disrespect to Prissy at all. She's a wonderful dog in her own right and actually probably has a better and more balanced life because of goofs I learned via Dottie.

MuseSwings said...

It's nice to find a way to make thing - like pets you have/have had last forever. Putting thier names in cement is a forever memory marker.
I stopped by to read your poem again!

Fern said...

oh! there is SO a poem here!

Fern said...

oh shit is it already one? just read musewings comment..

anyway..maybe there's another one inside this one.

Debra Kay said...

I think muse was talking about yesterday's poem for the picnic.

Monica was very honored to put her name and her dogs name in the cement, and I just didn't have the heart to tell her that they'd be behind the fence when it went up.

studio lolo said...

There's a little mention of you at my place. No pressure to pass anything along. I just wanted to make sure you got the nod :)

Teri C said...

I waved at you when we drove through OK today. I don't know why we drive like crazy when we travel so all I could do was wave.

BBC said...

Then we talked about how maybe some day someone would come along and unearth the pillars and see the carvings and wonder who all those beings were.

Or not notice or care at all. But, having said that, I put my hand in a frame of cement in 2004, and it sits on the porch now.

You know what is really cool? I don't care what you think about me. I help women in Mexico have better lives, they are more important to me than your stupid pets. :-)

Even better than that, I don't care if you don't like my place because it isn't all pretty like. :-)

BBC said...

That is, because it isn't all pretty like you think it should be.

kj said...

my father was a mason and he said the best part of his work was that it lasted forever. he put horseshoes in the cement at the edge of our walkways, and i always felt that guaranteed good luck..


soulbrush said...

fabulous, love it..ignore what other pessimistic, cynical, hurtful people may say!

Debra Kay said...

Teri-back atcha!
Lolo-you are the best.

BBC MY house isn't pretty the way other people think it should be either-it's pretty the way I like it. For my neighborhood, a ROCK GARDEN is pretty out there....LOL. But, I do prefer the neighbors keep lawns mowed-don't really care if they mow weeds or grass, I can't tell the difference. Lawns mowed, poop picked up, trees trimmed out of the power lines-that's all I truly care about. Proper food and plenty of water for the pets too-it gets HOT here and animals die from lack of water every summer.

Just curious-why don't you help men in Mexico have better lives? Are you planning some kind of karmic harem in your next life? But, if we all cared about the same things, a lot of things would go uncared for. Yet, adopting a "my cause is loftier than your cause" attitude indicates on some level you DO care what I think, which is pointless because what I think doesn't make a shit's bit of difference in anyone's life except my own. Irony is a bitch.

KJ, I am keeping the extra cement-I've been wanting to play with some stepping stone ideas-but honestly, it makes more sense to just cast the stone where you want it to be than buy a plastic mold for a 1.00, cast it, break the mold and set the stone where you want it. I guess if you were selling the stones, but I'm just playing in the dirt anyway. I also have an idea for some "shedding stones" for the snakes. Grapewood is very expensive and can go moldy if you don't watch it.....and the plastic rocks you buy aren't scratchy enough to help them shed.

SB, I can never decide if BBC is truly that vile or just playing a part. Sometimes there is wisdom in what he says and I can never decide if he meant it or even knows he said it...LOL. But as I've already established, what I think doesn't really matter anyway.