Thursday, September 4, 2008

Catching UP

I have packages to send to some of you, mail to open from some of you-I've been pretty backed up. I was working my way through it all and Daddy ended up at the ER and in the hospital after a bronchioscopy stirred up a lung infection. It was pretty scary for all of us. Mom can drive to the hospital, but she gets lost inside the hospital, so I've been doing driving duties, supporting duties as well as my own regularly scheduled worry allotment.

He's coming home this afternoon and we are all glad. Uncle John is stable right now and all the kiddos are well. I'm ok too-just need some quiet time for a bit.


Mim said...

wow, alot going on with the 'rents. take it easy and I'll think of you as I drive past Peaches to the doctors office, or post office...or taking them to the dentist...or bank...etc, etc, etc.

Fern said...

it is scary when hospital time comes up all at once, emergency-like like that.

scary and disorenting.

yes, quiet time is an order once the patient gets over the hump.

be yourself

Debra Kay said...

Daddy is home and I dropped a final update and a note to my brother asking him to confirm he's getting the updates....haven't heard a peep from him but I'm too tired to try and figure out why. He lives in California and has a girlfriend so if he's missing or sad or whatever, she can worry about him.

Ok, that sounded awful-it's one of those I don't know whether to be pissed off or worried things which always makes me particularly cranky.

Mim said...

Brothers. Trouble and worry no matter how much we say we "don't care". I usually chose pissed off, cause it's usually the right choice.

Debra Kay said...

My radar was right-some health/home problems. I'm not pissed (I should be because not everyone has superior radar like me) but really man, pull yourself up long enough to hit the reply key.

There is a big dose of guilt for the kid who isn't there-I know, I've been the one who stayed at work, etc. but that never stopped me from hitting the reply key after every update. Oi vey. I live in a family of indirect communicators.

studio lolo said...

I'm the communicator in the family. My oldest sister just said that if it weren't for me, everyone could be dead and no one would know. It's so easy to keep in touch. If you don't want to say much, then don't. Just let people know you're ticking for pete's sake.

Speaking of packages, I'm waiting for a little something I ordered for you, then I'll send it along. It's nothing, really, but I think it will make you smile.

soulbrush said...

sooo glad dad is better and uncle john too, whew a break for you right now!

Debra Kay said...

You guys are the best.
I at least have sense enough to pass on communications without meddling-my brother is 50 something years old and has a nice GF who can tell him if he needs to be told to call home. Adding another layer of complication to our already complicated family relationships isn't in my best interest. They'll either learn to communicate or not, although I do try to lead by example.

I really thought a long time about it, and I guarantee you not one of them was sitting around thinking how they could help me or make my life better. As I told my cousin-that pot of shit is one that is best self stirred-I'm staying the hell out of it!

See, just when you thought I was fearless and foolhardy, I display some vital survival instincts!

soulbrush said...

like your style here debs, just stay the hell away....good one.