Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Animal Wednesday

I call this "Death Mask of the Palmetto Bug".

Technically it is a former palmetto bug, having had its life ended by me a couple of years ago. I was home, alone, with a cast on my foot from major surgery, and the ill fated bug came into my bedroom. Getting up was a hassle, so I decided to live and let live-until the damn thing decided to fly and landed on my bare leg. I jumped up into my wheelchair and gathered up shoes to throw at it. I was so adrenaline charged from the effort (and from feeling competent even though I was crippled), I took a picture of it. Then I fiddled with the picture to relax. It's my avatar on at least one forum and is probably one of the most commemorated former palmetto bugs there ever was.

I suppose it's also technically and insect and not an animal but it IS an uplifting story. I was feeling week and tired, and getting up off my dead ass to kill the bug was energizing to me. Probably not so much for the bug, but hey, fame has its price.



studio lolo said...

That's quite the memorial shot!! Hilarious story too!

Your thingy arrived...I can ship it soon :) Hope you like it!


soulbrush said...

ha ha can always rely on you to entertain us...never thought a simple bug could make such a funny tale! HAW.

Teri C said...

You ALWAYS manage to get an EEK out of me. What a great story!!! I saw one on a motel wall in Florida and there were lots of EEKS going on while DH came to my rescue!


Slipstream said...

hehe. that made me chuckle. that thing looks huge by the way.

like, a small pickle.

I would have cried.

Mim said...

I would have done the screaming running thing, but leave it to our Deb to find the beauty in a simple buggy animal.
HAW Deb.

MuseSwings said...

Hah! The only good palmetto bug is a dead one. Good Job! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'll see you at the picnic!