Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rare Political Comments

What a dumbass choice McCain made. I think he must be boning her-that's the only thing I can figure out. I struggled with career the entire time I raised up ONE child, and I can't fathom what it would be like to have 5 including a handicapped child. Oh yeah, and be the vice president of the United States at the same time.
Even with a husband and a bucketload of money, kids take time and energy.

Frankly, I'm insulted. I'm insulted as a parent, and I'm insulted as a woman. He truly has made VP like a "wife" job-no full time capabilities required.

I live in a family of staunch Republicans (heaven help me) and even THEY think he was off his nut. Not that Palin is a bad lady-she just has no experience-her state has the population of a minor city.

Talk about the ultimate token woman. Her educational background is in....journalism. The people I knew in J-school were not quite like the people I knew in business school. They were passionate and meant well (like me) but not really big on hard core decisions or strategies. I'm just sayin.

On a happier note, I think people who would have voted for McShitforBrains will vote against Palin. I've never been a total Hilary fan, but I know some, and I don't think people who are Hilary lovers are going to love this chick either.

I'm telling you now-he's boning her. It's the only reason I can think of.


Teri C said...

APPLAUSE APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! I totallyy agree!

Mim said...

Now Deb....actually having a joyful affair with the lady? When would she find time for THAT!!!!

Debra Kay said...

I've never figured out how anyone finds time to have affairs, especially long running secret ones or torrid ones. When I was married if I got time to myself I wanted to curl up with a book, not a man....LOL.

kj said...


Julie said...

LOL! My big beef is that if she knew her dtr. was PG before hand, why the hell would she run for VP, and put her dtr's news all over the world and national news. My loyalty is first to my children, and then to anything else. Going for the status/money is shameful in this case. AND, yeah...token woman is right...she is a fool.

Citizen of Earth said...

This was awesome!
What a brilliant perspective you bring to this issue
And Julie...
**My loyalty is first to my children, and then to anything else**

Spot on!