Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saving the Pugs

In five minutes I'll go shower and go off to my Puggerfest Committee meeting. I decided I could best serve by helping out non profits with advertising, etc. rather than doing rescue directly, and I set that boundary up from the get go-I cannot foster, because I cannot release. I even played the "who could I rehome if it meant to take in another, needier dog...." and the answer was "no one".

I'm a bit behind on my volunteer tasks because of last week, and we'll all just have to live with it or they can find someone else to do it.

I was pretty set on going to work after the first of the year, but finding a job that's going to allow for lost weeks at a time is going to be tough. Oh well, can't think about it now, have to go save the Pugs.....from afar.


BBC said...

I've backed off on some of my volunteer work this year, someone else can take over for a while.

I want this year to be mine as much as possible instead of always doing for others. So I'm going on another camping trip in the morning.

Was just outside and I noticed that one of my cats was messing with a snake, about a foot long. So I shooed it away, don’t want my cats messing with harmless insect eating snakes.

Debra Kay said...

I backed a little too far off my volunteer work for awhile-in that it stopped completely in the past year, except for the random good deed. When Bitty passed, I intended to bring in another old dog, but I just cannot do that right now-so I am working Puggerfest instead.

If I do anything at all, I will start taking in short term fosters (with a definite beginning and ending date) for crate training, house training and maybe a few tricks that will help them get adopted. My pack pretty much handles the crate and house training and I can do the tricks.