Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Animal Wednesday

This morning Moonie had to PEE at 6:00 and he wasn't crying wolf-he had that "I gotta PEE NOW" frantic pitch to his bark, so I got up and let him and the rest out.  I admired my new fence and realized no one could see me-the dogs and I were alone.

I looked up and saw the stars for the first time in weeks.  I leaned back against the light post and just stared at them as the sky brightened and the city started up for the day.  The first planes flew in from Dallas and the road sounds started.

Oliver's music came on and played softly through the open window.  I looked at the stars and listened to the music, which was soon accompanied by a "Muwahhahhhhaaaaaaaa Hellloooooooo there!"  So, the dogs peed, the music played, and I stood there in the dark, alone, giggling.  I wish every day could start just like that.



kj said...

peace. what a good feeling.

DesigningFairy said...

I love our dog people! Delicious beginning.


BBC said...

When I step out of my door my view is of what I call the spiritual park. Those mountains up there that are always calling to me.

I've been so busy this year that I've only gotten there a few times, and not to the hot springs at all.

I love it up there at the hot springs, it isn't the 2.3 mile hike that stops me from going to them, it's just time and other adventures and experiences.

And I suppose, this stupid fucking computer, the next evil behind the TV.

As for music, put another nickle in, in the Nickelodeon, and let there be music, music, music.

Well, maybe you have never heard that song, but it was pretty cool, short lived as it was.

Teri C said...

Such a cute animal story and your great description had me looking up for stars :)


Debra Kay said...

Oh good grief BBC-now I'm going to be humming that dang song all day. Thanks a bunch buddy....LOL.

Lately I've been trying to focus (or try to) on what is here and now that is good. A perfect leaf, some busy ants, whatever I can find. Nature is here too, it's just not as easy to spot if your vision gets cluttered by too much of the day to day.

Mim said...

I tried to comment yesterday while driving from Caribou Nova Scotia to Halifax (also on NS) but it wouldn't take it. Anyway, I think its a good story, and bless the animals, they always make it real.

Julie said...

It is 11pm here now and I am going out now to look at the stars! Brought back many memories for me!

soulbrush said...

i'm so late with everything...HAW dear one.

studio lolo said...

beautiful post Deb. Yup, I love this one. Sounds like you had a perfect moment or three.