Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Computer Problems

Not really a problem-my rusty trusty laptop croaked at last and I'm putting another one in commission. Daddy is doing better, Mom is chafing under the strain of her schedule being interupted (Wednesday is shopping day after all). Mom's schedule is her talisman for an uncertain world. I'm practicing both tactful avoidance and gentle limits. We'll see how it goes.

(I'm logged in from Daddy's PC now).

Thanks for checking on me and for caring.


No picture today, but HAW.


studio lolo said...

gentle limits. I like the sound of that. Glad you're dad's doing better.

I finally mailed your little something-something yesterday :)


BBC said...

My laptop got so old and pretty much worthless that I just gave it to the computer shop a few days ago in case they can use any of the parts off of it.

The hard drive and the screen were still good, but it was so old. Running on Win 95 with 16 meg of memory. Not much good for anything these days other than a word processor.

I love having a desktop unit at home, my new one is a very good unit that was made here.

Ah, you'll get a new unit soon, try to get one with XP on it though, Vista is still having problems.

BBC said...

They'll have Vista sorted out about the time they come out with the next screwed up operating system.

By then I may be ready for a new unit so I will get one with Vista on it instead of the new screwed up system, ha, ha, ha. It pays to stay behind the leaders at times.

soulbrush said...

whew so glad about dad. thanks for taking the time to send me an encouraging message too. HAW to you.

Debra Kay said...

Vista Sucks the Big ONE! The Thanksgiving project is to retro install XP on Daddy's new machine-he cannot cope with Vista at all.

I'm learning to deal with it because I have to stay current on OS if I ever go back to a real job-but my poor old XP machine is gone and this is coming to you direct from my Mac. At the moment I don't even have vista hooked up to the internet-and honestly, I'd have to get on and really work hard to say I was proficient in Vista-but I can say I have a "working knowledge"...

I'll probably just suck the files off the xp machine and give it a decent burial. It outlived it's expected life by several years, and traveled with me on many fine's sitting next to my chair right now and I feel a little guilty because I'm enjoying the Mac so much....oh well-time marches on.