Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oops, forgot to take my premarin

Well, I'm just in the throws of crisis-it's EXPENSIVE to have horses, and I can't afford the Ponderosa and take care of my Uncle John and my parents and still have time to do my job and waaaaaaaaaah.

So, about that dog cart....I'm negotiating with a guy for a two seater that will take two big dogs to pull two big adults. Now my biggest dog weighs a little bit less than 10 pounds so that is a problem....but first things first. In this case I have to put the cart before the dog, because the only way I can exercise the dogs is if they pull me (bad leg you see).

I've also returned the urban chicken books to amazon.com-why should I pay full price for my insanity? Some exchange fee is better than nothing-and the horse books are going back too.

Yes, we really CAN have it all, but only if we are willing to work for it. And unless I just get a huge rush of cash, the horse project would drain all my resources.

Am I getting timid in my old age? Or just wise enough not to jump in with checkbook a blazing. My little Scotty venture was not much money, and I could recoup it easily by placing the little darling on Craigslist or Ebay. Horses would involve thousands, yes that is multiple thousands. I just can't do that, or I just won't let myself do that.

Am I trying to convince myself that dogs will be just as good? I don't know, but experience has taught me that when that little voice in my head says pull up, it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to Pull Up.

And yet, that is not how Very Big Things get done. But I already KNOW how to work with dogs, I can afford dogs, and I already have a vehicle that will accomodate the cart and the dogs......And I can still wear my wellingtons I bought for the mucky yard in my own mucky yard. (They aren't wellies they are something else, but piss on it and piss on the compact I'm in a cast and if the only thing I will be able to wear this spring is mucking shoes then I'm going to get myself a good pair.)

So this is how it feels to go crazy.

Now, once upon a time middle aged people bought little red sports cars. I bought one of those when I was 17 (with my own earned money, no silver spoons here). So I am going to have a midlife crisis in an old travel trailer and a team of carting dogs pulling the elderly residence of Autumn Leaves around Whiterock Lake.

I don't think I am destined for Really Big Things.

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