Saturday, February 24, 2007

I want it all

I decided that I would finally get a horse-since dog sports are now out. The dog sport was something I could do and still keep the animal at my house-but the horse is what I've always wanted. So, the first thing I did was google dog-carting.

What's up with that? Am I so afraid of getting what I want? Of course, I was raised with "You can't have a horse in the city" but why do I choose to listen to my parents on this particular thing and not anything else?

Sue and I had one of those "what's it all about" conversations. And I really don't understand why we don't give ourselves permission to have what we want. We really do keep ourselves in our own cages.

I did join the yahoo group galloping grannies and I've posed the question "how do you keep a horse in the city without going completely bankrupt".

It's funny, for some people "it all" means a big house, fine car, lovely child and plenty of leisure time. Me, I just want a job and a horse.

Pathetic story: During my early years I put a down payment on a horse knowing I would not have the money to pick up the horse, but I wanted one so badly that at least for a week I had a horse. But I don't want a false thing this time, I want the real deal-all four hooves and a saddle.

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