Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bring it ON

I finalized the deal for the dog cart and went to bed dreaming of a matched team of Harelquin Great Danes and then damn if morning didn't come.

Cat hairballs all over the floor and I can't REACH the floor, I've been de-activated in my work payroll system so I can't record my time, Uncle John's condo has water damage in the bathroom and my Insurance Claim was OK'd for all the piddly services but they denied the 18K hospital bill. Thanks for nothing assholes.

I made it to the potty and had a peanut butter smear on half a bagel before my work teleconference and now I'm fixing a bit of lunch and then I will set about sorting through all of this.

There are some days when you can listen to mellow music and work peacefully eating anchovies on crackers and then there are some days when you just have to sit up, kick ass and take names. Guess what kind of day this is?

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