Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Lunch

The above link recounts my joyful lunch. I truly hope spring is here and not flirting with us, although with the cast on my leg I won't be getting out into the wilderness anytime soon.

Let's count. March 22 lose the cast begin weight bearing.....should be walking OK four weeks later as best I can guess....so by end of April. Uneven ground gives me the most grief, but even before that I can find paths and things to wander on.

I am very thankful for Whiterock Lake-and urban lake with a nice wide path all the way around it. Another reason why I live in my neighborhood, and another reason why I will/would find it hard to leave.

Just up and having a mid life crisis requires careful thought because you want to be mindful of what you toss away. I still think I cling too much, but there are some things worth clinging to.

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