Monday, February 19, 2007

Driving Ms. Deb

So today was my first experience with a personal assistant. Olivia is a short, chubby woman of color. We share the same birthday and a similar PIN number. She was able to find smoked oysters at Albertsons when my parent's could not-I think we'll become friends.

I am still waiting for the trash bags I ordered-it's touch and go whether the bags will arrive first or the bathing cloths I ordered. The very quality of the air around me hangs in the balance. (Trash bags are to cover my splint so I can bathe).

I did find the razor today-it was in the hallway. Don't know who or why it was in the hallway-things like that tend to happen when people come to take care of you and it's best not to get too twisted about it.

I went to Office Depot in my favorite sick outfit-grey sweats and an olive tank top with cammo hoodie. It got hot, so I took off the hoodie and went BRALESS in the Mesquite Office Depot. I just figured the onlookers would think I was mentally as well as physically handicapped and let it go. I did show SOME decorum-I didn't raise my arm. I found my razor this morning-but I haven't had a chance to use it.

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