Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And on and on and on

Ok, check the time-I'm in my own home on my own equipment and I can say without a doubt and with little fear of reprisal since I haven't actually named my company that I work with some complete idiots. Not everyone is an idiot, the company manages to make money after all, and I'm glad of it because that's how I afford things like food and the internet. No, I'm not biting the hand that feeds me, but I am critiquing some of the asses that are attached to the hand.

Of the hours I have managed to work this week-many have been spent answering questions and making plans for something that has been coming for months and isn't going to come across for many more months. In the meantime, I have things that need to be accomplished now. NOW. As I suspected, I was able to go into a two week coma and when I woke up no more had been accomplished than when I was put under, except for signing a contract where we agreed to provide some information in a format that isn't really feasible. When I pointed out that this isn't feasible I get snarled at so I say "fine, it's your issue".

There are people who do things and there are people who plan for things but never accomplish a damn thing. I do enjoy planning, but I also enjoy the fruition of my plans. I spent an hour in a meeting and the outcome was that I was going to continue doing what I was planning on doing anyway. I could make these plans because I understood the task at hand, the future task and the data structure involved. Apparently not everyone does, or not everyone believes that I do. However, I am apparently the only person who understands how to utilize the tool and can get any type of output out of it at all.

I have too many irons in the fire to worry about hurt feelings or plan any sort of retribution. I believe that karma will catch up with us all, so I will continue producing product with my hammer and chisel (that someone else built) and let the others plan and dream and spend money and sign contracts that make no sense. But I will scream in all caps what I was thinking today "DID YOU EVER STOP AND THINK ABOUT HOW EXACTLY THE TASK WOULD BE ACCOMPLISHED AND WHO WOULD ACCOMPLISH IT?"

I have a vision of this person writing on their to do list "make a million dollars" and then moving on to the next task. People often forget that there are a few details between the start and finish.

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