Monday, February 26, 2007

Uncle John, I Salute you

Picked up a birthday cake (red.white and blue) and went to the Assisted Living Center to have lunch with Uncle John. He's 71 on this very day. We had roast chicken and some really good eggplant (need to crash lunch more often) and lots of good conversation. Not everyone was quite aware of what was going on, but they liked the cake and the chance to celebrate.

Some things I learned:

A full sheet will feed an awful lot of senior citizens and staff (wow)
Red/White/Blue icing really gets messy when you are cutting it
A piece of cake on a plastic plate with people who really appreciate you tastes better than a 5 star restaurant.

I don't know if I'll make it to 71-I never really expected to make it to 46. Not that I planned on dying but I had no set agenda for life at 46. And agendas are made to be broken anyway.

I've noticed the older you get the better it is to plan for some things though, so I'm really trying to put some thought into my life. But the old guys at our table at lunch really supported the idea of a horse and buggy, as did Hannah, my friends' 2 year old. Hannah also supported the idea of world destruction too, she's easily swayed.

The fierce spring winds have blown the tarp off the Scotty-I hope it doesn't rain before I can get it back on. (That's kind of tough from a wheelchair). I also hope the winds stay down a bit or the thing might just catch a breeze and set sail. Oh well, I can't worry about everything.

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