Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Working on Getting it Right

I've come to the relative safety of my blog to work out a work problem. One of my co-workers has been sent into my realm to make me a better dog trainer-I'm sure of it. I am not calling her a bitch by saying that, only meaning that she tries my patience more than any dog (except perhaps Dottie when she was young) ever has.

But I have to look at what I bring to the table as well-I need to cast of each bad encounter and live in the moment as I do with my dogs and other animals. I don't pick up Elvis thinking "oh, he bit me yesterday", I pick him up thinking "I'm picking up Elvis". I wonder why I can't do that with people?

The thing is, if I can conquer the in the moment thing with people, I am sure it will become second nature with my dogs, and other critters. So, I've got to work on walking into meetings with that same, I'm in the moment, I'm happy to be here, let's see what I'm going to learn today, energy. What a wonderful way of being that would be.

My ball hitch and my other goodies have shipped-I can't wait to get them! Of course, I can't pull the trailer till...what was the rule, I think it was can walk unassisted. At least a month off. What a stupid rule. But I think I will make the rule "can wear a regular shoe on my foot" because learning to drive a trailer in an orthopedic boot does not seem prudent.

I did accomplish the amazing feat of helping Miss Olivia load the wooden pallets we were trash picking on the roof of the truck. She didn't want me to help, but I proved I could stand on one foot, balance and lift. I really wanted a picture of that golden moment but I can' even TELL anyone because I will end up with Mom and Dad camped out in my living room watching my every move. So there you have it, my olympic moment that must remain a secret between Miss Olivia and I.

I need to work on my own dogs rushing the fence and barking-I have to stop that behavior before I can bring my draft dog(s) home for 80-100 pound dog rushing the fence isn't as cute as a 7 pound dog rushing the fence. For that I have to wait until I can get into the back yard unassisted.

I really hate waiting.

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