Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Good times await and the cast comes off in two more days, today, then Wednesday then Thursday OFF with the cast. My corn isn't as high as an elephants eye, but it's a good two inches in their little peat pots, and my tomato seedlings are looking better too. The red broom corn, an ornamental grass, is really growing-that's what I'm best at, growing grass. It figures.

I haven't tackled the upside down tomato thingy I bought, but from the looks of the seedlings, I have awhile before I need to worry.

The new baby snakes are gorgeous and I've broken "the law" and handled the Dwarf again-she messed up her cage pretty badly so it needed fixin, and as long as I was in there I picked her up. It is very hard to hold a 6 foot snake from a wheelchair. She's in shed, so she should be about as cranky as she gets-what a love!

The tarp on the Scotty is still holding firm despite two good wind storms-Daddy hasn't lost his touch as a packer/cover sublime.

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