Friday, March 16, 2007

It's done

My big cart is done, but here I am stuck in this stupid cast. And I'm getting a new python tomorrow, a Jampea Dwarf Retic. Yay. Of course, getting the cage in the house is going to be a bit dicey.

I've decided with the Scotty and the new Retic, I would be well advised to buy some powertools and start do it yourselfing.....So much for the compact.

Oh, and I've sowed my seeds for spring and some of the ornamental grasses are already coming up.

I ordered a minature cart for Cody to pull and it came it-I'm putting it together Saturday and wll begin training.

Got in the pictures for Uncle John's condo-it looks great and is now on the market. ALL of this, and still keeping up with the office (though not like certain Nazi's think I should) with one leg in a cast. Of course, I have a cast of friends/family helping me out.

Instead of a pat on the back I wish I could have one free pass to tell one person to kiss my ass without repurcussion.

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