Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I knew it

EVERYONE wants a Scotty because they are reopening the plant and of course that makes the old leaky ones quite desireable. What was it Mr. Spock said about desire..."Humans appear to enjoy the wanting more than the having...most illogical."

And what's this about Sulu coming out of the closet after all these years? Who gives a bloody rats arse, but I do feel bad if he felt bad like he couldn't share. But share what? In my day (waves her cane and wobbles her crepey arms) people just did what they did and didn't talk about it. Now we have entire groups and cliques devoted to sexual preference. But poor Mr. Spcok had to walk around different with pointed ears, and Sulu might have made him feel better if he had said "Spock, I'm different too."

The need to belong is powerful. A program about the KKK on Biography last night said that a sense of belonging was one thing the Klan gave people. Well, shit, when you look at the people who join, you can see where they might have trouble fitting in. Got no skills, got no edu-cation, poor grooming...but BY GOD I'm WHITE, yeah baby. So if you don't look like me (and thank the good Lord most don't) you need to go away. You may be an educated, well spoken, well dressed, but if you are black or a jew or gay, you aint NUTHIN. Now this show was a couple of years old so I'm pretty sure they've found new people to hate.

Much of my own angst throughout life is due to not really knowing where I fit in. I have a lot of friends and I'm little like all of them, but not just like anyone else. We do share a common bond though-they don't know where they fit in either.

And lately, in my old age, I don't even care to try to fit in. I just want to be me, and as long as no one gets hurt, then that's what I'll be. The trouble is, I STILL don't know who that is!!!!!! But I don't want to force feed some definition upon myself and end up someone awful just so I belong...

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