Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Parade of Horrors Continues

I've been having a bit of pain under my arm, thought it was due to the increased usage (wheelchair, walker). Took a peek at my pit, and there was a huge lump. Clearly I am on the verge of death. There had been a small cyst there but now it has grown into something that is obviously life threatening and quite painful.

However, I had to get ready for a little birthday celebration I was throwing for my friend Sue. She was coming over for a feast of white wedding cake and a mango cocktail my auntie invented last spring. After said libations, I showed her my cancerous armpit (talk about a true friend) and she diagnosed it as a boil and suggested I call a Dr.

But I have no time for Dr.s' and decided that we should try an old home remedy-so we sliced a red potato and Sue bravely taped it to my armpit with the waterproof tape that I use to keep my cast dry. Then we had some more wine, Sue left and I rolled off to bed.

This morning I arose and the potato was still firmly taped to my armpit. The pain had lessened noticeably and I decided that I probably should not leave a rotting bit of vegetable in my armpit for more than 8 hours or so, so I pulled off the potato. Now, that hurt it a bit, but it was due to the tape.

I hopped into the wheelchair and rolled into the bathroom and did a pit inspection in the mirror. The thing was still there, but the potato had flattened it. I gave it a poke and it began to drain. Well I supposed that was a good thing, but now I had an open draining thing under my arm and another potato didn't seem quite the thing any more.

I mixed some salt water with the stuff I use in my netti pot, got the water good and hot, poured it on a wash cloth and shoved it under my armpit. Then I fired up the computer to see if I could find any info and try to figure out if I was making things better or worse.

Apparently I am on the right track. The slight pressure, plus sitting upright should encourage drainage. Tonight I am going to dab a bit of honey on it for antiseptic purposes.

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