Tuesday, March 27, 2007

In High Demand

Ok, HGTV aired the 2007 RV show and the little Scotty was on it. It still looked "new" though-why don't they ever make something just the same way it was before? As expected, demand for the old ones has shot up and I could double what I paid for mine just as it sits-no improvements. But, you can't sell off your mid-life crisis-those other 40 somethings are just going to have to do their own digging.

You only make a profit if you sell, and after losing my butt on a thousand "ideas" I finally turn a profit on the one thing I won't sell. The irony is, well, ironic. I'm ok with the fact that I'll never be a big business mogul, I don't have the wardrobe for it anyway.

One annoying thing-my walker leaves "tracks" in the carpet-it's easy to see where I've been and how straight a path (not very) I'm walking. Oh the horrors of public handicappedness. And yet, it's temporary, so I dare not complain too loudly. I did fetch my own coffee today (nerve wracking) and figured out how to stow the walker in the back seat so I can tote Uncle John to the doctor on Thursday. This will be our first solo adventure since my surgery. I'm a little nervous, he needs help, I need help, we'll just figure it all out.

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