Sunday, March 4, 2007

Safe and Sound

Daddy took the duct tape and rope and recoverd the Scotty against the rain until I can work things out. Hopefully we'll have no more terrible wind storms.

We must have been quite a sight yesterday as we set out to lunch, Daddy (81), Mom (73), John (71 with Parkinsons) and me 46 and in walker with a stars and stripes cast and a tie died shirt and just generally unkempt......but we had a good time at the restaurant and enjoyed laughing with each other. The funny thing was, there was also another lady with halo on her leg and a walker, and yet another lady with crutches, and finally a lady with one of those fancy rollater walker thingies. We all smiled and wave at each other, and for my part, I was glad to see other people with infirmities.

We discussed the dog carting project and my life time of stubborness has paid off, no one really argued about the wisdom of buying a dog cart. Mom is hoping that the cart will capture my imagination and I will abandon the Scotty. In fact, I did offer the Scotty to anyone who would come in a build me some really nice kennels, but everyone just wants to buy it and then I'd have no Scotty and no kennels.

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