Sunday, March 25, 2007

Greenland Paddle-I want one

Omigosh-the kayak has spawned a whole plethora of new "things" that must be had. This whole rebuilding a life around things I can reasonably do is tough and expensive. I've decided the snakes are the perfect old lady pet-you really don't have to have good walking skills to handle a snake.

But the Scotty table beckons-when my parents come next weekend I'm going to ask them to help me take it out of the scotty and put on my back porch so I can begin the renovation. I'm going with the decopage idea someone posted on the forum-it will be fun and something that I can do sitting at the dining table on the back porch.

I've also got the tools to dig out my hay bails, but I am going to go through a week back at the office before I risk my shoulders on a weekend project. With age, sometimes comes wisdom.

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