Saturday, August 16, 2008

Update soup/Gratitudes

I'm going to list things I'm grateful for:

Baby snakes are eating well
Puppy has an awesome recall already
Oliver the parrot is progressing with his training
I am sleeping better
The weather is cooler now (high 80's low 90's)
Low acid decaf coffee tastes ok

What is pulling you through right now?


soulbrush said...

rational thought
devising some tools for next term
lots of rest
a positive frame of mind
being kind to myself
hugs from my snuffles every day
tolerating my hubby more these days

Fern said...

alright..Grouchy Fern NEEDS to do this...

-blog buddies.
-birthday cake(again!)
-three BIG bags of clothes culled from my closet and ready to go to the thrift shop.
-my feather pillow.
-perfectly purple baby eggplant.


Bobbb - Citizen of Earth said...

Looking for new beginnings

Mim said...

irrational hope

studio lolo said...

What's pulling me through...

Actually finished a painting yesterday. First one in a while. yay!

Indulged in a magazine for almost an hour. What a treat!

Made 2 sales at the studio yesterday.

Wrote 3 letters and decorated the envelopes. I haven't done that in so long.

Slept three hours straight last night. That's a record.

BTW, while I was indulging in that magazine I cut something out for YOU :) It's a bicycle lock that looks like a snake!Check it out at

Debra Kay said...

That is one bad bike lock!

Slipstream said...

Okay, here we go:

1. Outside. Open fields, lots of green and air and sun and freedom. to roam.

2. Faith in myself. This didn't used to come easily for me, but it's a necessity to get through....irritating things..

3. Music. Nuff said.

Also, the internet saves me from boredom quite frequently (and sadly, heh)

human being said...

oh yes it's cooler here now and i'm happy about it...

my daughter told me yesterday that she thought she was having a wonderful summer...

me too can tolerate my husband's selfishness more!!! (Soul, seems they cannot do anything about it!!!)

and at the time being, the sound of wind in the trees makes me so grateful...

and that i can share these thoughts with you, Debra...