Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Animal Wednesday-Portals into the Present Moment

Animals are portals into the present
We often forget the now
Animals never do
Life without animals
Would be one big

HAW to you All!


soulbrush said...

yup life without our animals would indeed be shite! HAW

studio lolo said...

I'm giving you a HUGE AMEN sister!!

Life here is about to hit the fan and all I can think about is getting the animals through it. They keep me grounded, for sure.

kj said...

i often wonder how animals stay in the present moment so totally. and are so forgiving, all the time...


Teri C said...

Sweet thoughts.


Mim said...

Life without animals - just not so much fun

human being said...

'portals into the present'
true... and beautiful... why can't we learn from them?