Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics and the State of the Species

Watched most of the opening ceremonies-China did herself proud. I'm not a fan of all the sports, but I do like the idea behind the Olympics, set aside political differences and become a Divine Animal for a couple of weeks.

It's hard to set aside politics when your fearless leader is sitting hunchbacked and splayed legged for the entire world to see. Good grief man, the job isn't over until January, and you can't sit upright for 4 hours? Yeah, it was probably a Democrat that panned over when you were taking a break, but after all those years in the public eye, you'd think you would have clued into the fact that there are cameras at major world events. I saw a man bored out of his mind by the spectacle of the atheletes parading by. The idea is to set aside political DIFFERENCES and REPRESENT, and da bush let us down again.

In other surprising news, I watched part of a show on "Sex and the Brain" would have been better titled "Gender and the Brain" and then I might have seen the entire show. We've evolved to the point where we have to explain our brains to ourselves, and then ask the question (or rather the show did) , "can the brain disconnect from itself to truly understand itself?" We are the ultimate narcississits (although we invented the idea, so we SHOULD be good at it).

I was going to write about the superior fireworks of the Chinese, all the feel good stuff, but the image of that man not sitting quite upright in the stadium, representing U.S......I can't shake it. It goes beyond politics. That's the donkey (or elephant) who truly believes we did not evolve and we are here as the pinnacle of creation. My exact words when I was sitting home in my living room were "Oh my fucking god....."


studio lolo said...

You're killing me! When I saw him squirming in his seat because he couldn't sit still from boredom, he reminded me of a hyperactive kid in church! And Laura was clapping her hands like a seal. Or like Paula Abdul which is worse. And then I saw another guy nodding off just at the point where I felt like doing the same. I think that's when all the countries were marching in.
I think most of the opening was visual candy though, quite spectacular! But then, Mr. B's open legs...the visual that won't go away :D

human being said...

i relate much to this... as to the feeling one has while watching those who MISrepresent!
such a pain...

yesteraday we went to a park... and we were surprised to see just a few people there... (Fridays are holidays in Iran)... then i remembered the Olympics... oh people were at their homes watching the ceremony...
we had our family olympics... just the three of us... playing soccer... ping pong... running...

Mim said...

I simply didn't watch - thought I might be embarrassed.

soulbrush said...

i find these opulent olympic openings make me nauseous, as i think of all the starving people down the road and what that money could've done for them! shit it makes me mad!!!

soulbrush said...

can't leave a comment on poidogz, it says 'team members'only...what team? i want to be a member please!

Debra Kay said...

I really am sick of political talk because most of it is senseless rhetoric-and my comment on Bush is not politically motivated-he provides fodder for far worse if I wanted to go there. Jimmy Carter, with his blue jeans, still behaved in an appropriate, grown up manner at public events.

I have to wonder a bit why that bothered me-because I'm sitting here right now reared back in a recliner with my legs pulled up in a sprawling V balancing my laptop between them. But I don't sit like that on international television, and when I worked in an office I didn't sit like that either-at the office.

Also, the Chinese are a pretty formal lot. When I take Mom to visit her friend Thelma, who is kind of old school southern, I wear good coverage, modest clothes, fix my hair, and sit upright the entire time....all for free.

"I'm bored" postures at such a spectacle could be considered an insult in places far less formal than China.

Blah-I'm sick of the whole thing already.

Soul, I think that big hoorahs for a good cause have some merit. They could have spent all that money stockpiling weapons or something, and the overall economies of the area do benefit. A country like China who has stayed "hidden" all these years (and who invented fireworks) had bloody well do something spectacular.

I'm toying with the idea of shutting poidogz down, that is why I closed it off for now.