Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stormy Weather

As Mom, Dad and I drove back from Dennison on Friday, we saw a long line of ambulances headed south. Preparations for Gustav are under way.

Watching that thing roar up the gulf is a scary thing. I have lots of thoughts on natural disasters, on personal responsibility and governmental responsibility, but right now I just want to say a prayer for the people and animals in the path, and maybe another little prayer of gratitude for my own family safe inland at this time.


soulbrush said...

amen to that...

Mim said...

I have been losing sleep over the animals. Last time there were so many that were left homeless. Of course I worry about the people too especially the older people who have to go thru this again, but oh boy, the puppies and kittens and the older animals who are suddenly left alone. It's heartbreaking. I was going to contact some animal shelter group with a donation to see if that helps. Maybe I'll try Bernie first at "a place to bark" and see if she has advice.

Debra Kay said...

Truthfully, hurricanes are why I'm not living on the coast now. Not afraid of the wind/rain, but I wouldn't feel comfortable owning any animal that I couldn't evacuate.

It's an awful situation-leave them to die, or stay and die with them. My backup heating system is being installed in 2 weeks....but there is no fail safe against a hurricane.

And what of the caged animals, the birds, snakes, gerbils? If it were me, and I had to leave I'd free them-if they survived the storm they could still starve or die of thirst before people return.

Prayers for all of them.

BBC said...

They were told not to build there in the first place, nature needs that area.

I hope the storm convinces them to finely move it inland some.

The place is full of lowlifes that expect the whole country to keep bailing them out.

Hello??? If you want to do that with your taxes, fine, get back to work. But I'm not, to hell with idiots that screw with nature, I hope she really kicks their ass this time.

And don't worry about the critters, they will make a better come back without the stupid fucking monkeys there.

BBC said...

Debra, critters come and go, they always have, it's been that way for billions of years. Some lives will be lost, others will be born. That is how it works here.

And I'll eat some of them because they are part of the food chain, that is also how it works here.

Debra Kay said...

BBC, I worry most about the domestic critters that are left caged while the people flee. They don't have a chance.

The idiot weathermen keep harping on the wind speed-it's the rain that's going to cause the damage and block the roads.

During Katrina there were several states that offered relocation packages-housing for a year while the people found work to get on their feet-no one took the Colorado deal-"too cold up there". Now, I admit I shy away from the cold too-but I pay my own bills.

Being an Okie, I have quite a bit of experience with towns being totaled and rebuilt. But we residents pitch in and don't expect the rest of the nation to come flocking to us. We dig cellars to save our lives and we insure the houses and buildings.

I never felt like building people new houses without addressing the other issues was the way to go. And rebuilding housing for old and infirm people in a flood plain is just cruel.

My ire and anger is directed at able bodied people who are not working. And someone who weighs 500 pounds because they don't get out and work it off is NOT handicapped, not in the same way that someone without a leg is handicapped. Over eating to that degree is more an addiction problem than a physical problem. And feeding addictions is not the way to overcome them.

But, all of that is stuff that works out over time. Right now the storm is here and I have pity for them-but my prayer is that people see what led them to be in that situation and they learn from it and take steps to not be in it again.

studio lolo said...

No matter how big our storm is at home, I keep telling my husband about those poor people in New Orleans facing another storm. No matter what you're going through, it could always be worse.
I've been glued to the TV regarding the animals as well. Can't help it.That's where my heart is.

Debra Kay said...

More animals made it out this time-people were allowed to bring them. It is more efficient to help them get out in the first place than risk lives on rescue efforts later.