Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Course Correction

I know little about sailing, but it speaks to me. Maybe I get through life by tacking with the wind instead of motoring straight ahead. Maybe I'm not a motorboat but a sailboat. Maybe.


Slipstream said...

God. I've always wanted to sail.

I've only been parasailing...sigh.

Shubhajit said...

i dont like motorboats..at least sailing i dont have to depend on motor..may be i move slow but tackling with wind is just fantastic experience. isn't it?

Fern said...

I married into sailing. She is sometimes the other woman...one that my daughters adore more that I.

Just recently I gave it a full-hearted go and found it is something like flying a kite...it was pretty good. I think it could grow on me...maybe.

Mim said...

I've been sailing two or three times, always as a passenger. Once in San Francisco bay the boat almost fell over and I thought "ok, I'll just swim to shore" forgetting that NO ONE has ever escaped from Alcatraz and lived because of the sharks! And the next time we got boarded by the Coast Guard - and they had GUNS! And I think I've blocked the other time.

But the theory is good! Tacking and using the wind? I like it.

kj said...

sail on, dear debra kay...

soulbrush said...

not my thing..i like terra firma.
what about the scuba diving you were gonna try? hubby's just been away on a 4 day diving trip and loved it, feels totally rejuvenated.

studio lolo said...

My niece in Boston recently got her Captain's license and now sails as often as she can. She said she can't describe the feeling of freedom. I get that.

I think sailing with the wind makes for a better life rather than plowing through it and causing waves with your motorboat :)

Citizen of Earth said...

Sail away
Going where the wind takes you
Or not…

We cannot, without external force applied, travel directly into the wind.
But we can position ourselves
And use the wind
To accomplish this without help
By tacking
The path is longer
But then again
It offers greater reward

BBC said...

A sail boat only makes sense to me if I was to do a lot of long range cruising.

Having said that, I'm almost tempted to get one for trips to Victoria so I don't have to use the ferry's.

But only if I could find one on a trailer so I don't have to pay for mooring every month, the rates are getting to high here.

But if you want to, go for it, it's not hard to learn to sail.