Sunday, August 3, 2008

Inner Space

So much looking ahead
Down the road
Across the river
Over the hill
Under the rock.

What ever happened to stillness
Here and now
In the moment
Navel gazing

When did a cup of good coffee and the sunday paper
Move so out of reach?


studio lolo said...

You're singing my song of current days. Tell others to hang on a moment. You'll be with them as soon as you finish the paper :)

human being said...

this talks to me...
i've read it several times since you posted it...
really beautiful and expressive...

and you know, Deb... whenever i didn't look ahead, i was scorned!
but i know you'll believe me if i say whenever i paused and just looked under my feet, i found a gem...

enjoy your coffee and paper... you know how to reach for them...