Thursday, August 14, 2008


I'm bleary eyed again this morning-for some reason I wanted to see the Men's All Round Finals in real time. There is just something sooooo cool about knowing that a great deal of the world is watching this same thing at the same time. It fills a spiritual need to commune.

I wonder if the Tivo's and DVR's are another way to fragment our lives even beyond the television set. Before TV, entertainment was a shared experience-now we share it, alone.

Yet, in this great cosmic experiment, maybe we need the community AND the solitude and everything that comes in between. Ironically, solitude with the TV is still spending time with someone else's thought or vision-just like reading is.

I struggle with the never enough syndrome, believing no matter what I do, it's never quite enough. But maybe I'm projecting a feeling about the world as I know it back on myself-there is never enough time in one lifetime to do everything-but is that MY fault? I don't think so, and I need to quit telling myself it is.

I also need a nap.

Clever girlie, I am going to take it now rather than mid afternoon-in hopes that I'll then go to bed at a decent hour and DVR anything of interest.


BBC said...

George has a Tivo, spends hours and hours screwing with it. One day last fall when I was painting his home I asked him when in the hell he thought he would ever have time to sort it all out and watch it.

He admitted that he didn't have a clue, that it's just a sort of sickness. He was supposed to help me but I painted the whole home while he screwed around with the damn tivo all day. *rolls eyes*

I turn my tv on maybe once every two or three months, just to watch a movie.

I have better things to do, Cher will be here soon and we're going camping.

BBC said...

And then I went back a few weeks ago and finished some trim in the sun room that he was supposed to do and never did get to. He can't paint worth a damn anyway.

Debra Kay said...

It's funny, if I work on my "one thing at a time" and ONLY watch TV, I can't do it. I'm usually working on the computer or crocheting or something too. I've gotten so used to multi tasking with the TV, I can't JUST watch TV.

I can sit and listen to music though.

I can't paint either.

Have fun camping.

soulbrush said...

i like to do other things while watching tv too, crochet, puzzles, art, knit, paint...silly really, wish the world was simple again...we cram oursleves full of stimuli all the time, now wonder we can't sleep at night, it's too damned quiet and we are supposed to just be doing one thing only, sleeping, how boring!

Mim said...

I can never "just" watch TV. I sew or draw or anything else. It's just noise in the background. Unless a riveting animal show. Those I can watch (until the lion eats the baby wildebeast - then I shut off the TV)

human being said...

some years ago my husband's brother was at our home for some days... and he was really upset that we didn't watch TV... he thought we are weird... he said the first thing he did in the morning was turning on the TV and the last thing at night... turning it off...

just the thought of it made us dizzy!!