Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's so wrong with mud?

Stuck in the mud.....
More accurately, at the moment I am smeared with mud (thanks Ollie)
What is the difference between apathy and indifference?
Apathy means I care, but I don't do anything.
Indifference means, no, I really don't care.
In about 20 minutes I will begin to care
I'm leaving the house and don't want to go out with muddy clothes and arms
I will bathe and change clothes.
Life is like that too-20 minutes can mean the difference between caring and not caring.
Same mud, different context.
No wonder life is soooooo damn complicated.
And this-not a poem, not a paragraph, just a random thought fart
About muddy paws and life.
Brilliant? Give it 20 minutes and maybe it will be.


Forever Young said...

what is the difference between the rut and the grave?
one is only deeper!

i'm in a deep deep dark rut right now!

human being said...

one of the best posts i've read recently...

you're right...
just a few hours ago i was writing and thinkinkg about this relativity... no "adjective" we use is permanent... just from one perspective and just for a short time...

and what is the difference between pain and agony?
i'm in pain right now...
no kidding!

love you Deb...
love you FY