Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stuff and stuff

The Fabulous Jack has unveiled all the creations his adoring fans have designed for him. If you ever need a lift, bookmark this's truly, truly inspiring.

Frieda and Diego have arrived....still no pictures as they are settling in. They are 1/2 Dwarf Burmese pythons-second generation from the jungle. In addition to the Dwarf, Diego is a beautful, almost patternless green, and Frieda is a het Granite. She is as patterned as Diego is patternless.

Bebo is the breeder for these two beauties. They are destined to be two of the most photographed snakes on the planet, but first things first, they must settle in to their new digs.

I'm giving in-I'm going to say it...I'm Depressed....errr, I am having a depressive episode I should say. Somewhere I crossed the line between legitimate responses to to stressful and sad situations and mega changes over the past year, to honest to goodness depression. Unless of course, depression IS a legitimate response....aaaahhhhh-therein lies madness.

Contrary to popular antidepressant ads, I don't sit around all day in an unrecongizeable state. When the parrot makes a farting noise, I do laugh, and it's an honest laugh. But my lack of energy is getting in the way of things I want to do, important things, things of GREAT IMPORT. Ok, that's as far as I'm going with that one-I'm depressed, I'll figure out how to feel better, and when I do, I'll let you know.


Fern said...

"therein lies madness...."

I think I know what you mean, Deb.

and then as there's is this truism to follow it up

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in it."

yep. I get it.

Fern said...

hey and speaking of "getting it" I sent you a hat from a long ago..Pay It Forward blog thang...did it arrive? Kerstin's found its way to Germany..but Oklahoma is a further turn around the corner from here.

Debra Kay said...

Errr, can I let you know on Monday-I am ages behind on opening mail-one of my current "feel better by catching up on stuff" projects.

Anonymous said...

I AM FABULOUS Debra Kay!!! Doing a fart to make you feel better *FART* I can burp too *BURP*!

King Jack

Debra Kay said...

Nothing better than a farting belching bird to cheer up a person!

soulbrush said...

shit shit shit, i feel depressed too...
feel free to write me a loooong e mail and tell me all about it...just writing it all down may help!

soulbrush said...

hey can't wait to see pics of your new babies...that's another thing people don't understand about depressives, they can (mostly) still function in an ordinary way!

Debra Kay said...

Yep-and sometimes I do somethings a little bit better when I'm depressed-because I will immerse myself in the task.