Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Out of Line

Too tired to sleep
No dreams
No waking
Enough enough.

I fought to be what I am
And you would chastise me
You who did nothing
Want me
To be like you.

Does my daring frighten you
Does it threaten your safety
Or only your vision of yourself
Is it my flesh you fear for
Or your own ego?

Speak of it no more
And we will sink beneath the banal
Where all is as it should be
According to some misguided rulebook
I threw out long ago.

We both saw the prison
Safety brings
You say I am careless with life
I say I will not live imprisoned
Safe from harm
But not from regret
Till death is the only escape from remorse.

I choose because I can
You can too
But you won't
And I can't tell you how
I can only show you
Because I threw out your rulebook
And you always follow the rules.


Fern said...



studio lolo said...

Rules...not my thing either. I can handle big rules like laws, but everyone's individual rules, not so much. I'm pretty sure deep down we all have our own set.

Debra Kay said...

The whole poem was a tirade against someone who took me to task for breaking one his rules-not MY rule...I was furious about it for maybe a day-now I think it's funny. If a Muslim yelled at me for eating pork, I'd laugh too, so why not laugh at this?

I was thinking about rules the other day and how many are self enforced based on fear of the unknown and nothing more. Something MIGHT happen if you don't do what I say cause I MIGHT hold the key to universal truth...whoever thought up that line was a pretty clever person.

In fact, my annoying relative is a big fan of the rib-so if he brings it up again I'm going to ask him, "what if a Muslim told you not to eat Pork...." and, much like the muslim, this person has good qualities too that I don't want to forget.

Ahhhh, wisdom through via the belly.

Hopper said...

terse and biting...

Fern said...

So what I want to ask..and I've been wanting to ask this for some time is this:

when are you going to delete the lines in your profile that say you "suffer from extremely low self esteem"

please. It can't possibly be true anymore.

Mim said...

oh my I SOOOO agree with Fern-sky. You may not think so but you are confident...and real...and forthright...and a wonderful friend.

And an animal lover

And adventurous

Want me to keep going on????

Debra Kay said...

LOL....I still do suffer from it-I just don't let it stop me from doing what I want to do. I mean, I do it, then I think I shouldn't have done it, but usually am secretly glad I did-or not so secretly.

I aspire to be like a cat-do what I want without question, although kitties can be embarrassed.

Forever Young said...

ooops, at first i thought this was a poem to your mom...whew, it's not. i agree with fern three times over.

kj said...

debra kay, just let that feisty spirit you have lead the way and be done with all the other voices and judgements and expectations.

really. the time is now. the place is now. whatdya say?


human being said...

so strong... impressing very deeply...
i've read it several times since the day you put it up...
the reasoning and determination are so logical and strong that just reading this poem changes something deep inside....
i love it so much...

i agree with what you have said in the comment above... yes we should laugh and take it easy... but achieving this state of mind takes time... and this poem can help one to reach that point...

i much relate to this poem... i used to get so excited when others imposed their rules on me... but now i just listen to them saying...great rules YOU have to follow...

Debra you are marvelous...

Slipstream said...

'We both saw the prison
Safety brings'

If that isn't true, then nothing is true.

Powerful statement there.