Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The cosmos provides
Today it was iced coffee
And tangy swiss cheese


human being said...

bitter or sweet
i've always got something to eat!

Anonymous said...

Your poem is neat
But rather a sweet

BBC said...

So explain to me why the cosmos doesn't provide to everyone.

Debra Kay said...


The Cosmos Provides
Tomorrow maybe not as
much as on this day

but for today and for tomorrow, I will still be grateful. My ingratitude will not feed the hungry or make you feel any better about anything-so I will choose to be happy. Of course, my guilt over a nice breakfast wouldn't feed the hungry or make you feel any better either. Either way people will still be hungry and you will still be a bitter old man, however you don't have to aim quite as hard to hit a happy person, so maybe I'm giving you a break after all.

Mim said...

The cosmos provides
Friends who enjoy the serendipity
of being.

Debra Kay said...

The cosmos provides
Not always what we most want
That which we most need

Mim-you made poetry. I'm so filled with joy at that.

The Cosmos provides
Better than tangy swiss cheese
A friend whose heart soars!