Thursday, July 3, 2008


Surrender does not mean giving up or giving in, selling out or running off. It just means seeing what is, and understanding that naming what is now does not mean you can also name what will be. Now is, future may be. I am, but only as I am now, not as I was, and not yet what I will be. You?


Hopper said...

I am what I am.

I left my home many times
and I roamed the earth in silent pain.
I left the sea for the prairie grass
and I walked alone,
free at last.
Never had a future,
didn't want my past.
I was free at last,
free at last.

I walked through the mountains
in the rain and snow.
And the cold,
moist air blew life in my soul.
And it made me whole,
it made me whole.

I asked the sun and the stars and wind,
who am I in the scheme of things?
Many years later,
the answer it brings,
the answer it brings.

I am a thought in the back of my mind,
I am the shadow that tags behind.
I am a flower in the garden of yore,
I am a child of God for sure.
I am a boy trapped inside a man,
I am a grain in a sea of sand.
I am the earth on which I stand.
I am what I taste,
I am what I see,
I am what I feel,
I am what is real.
I am alive,
I am alive.
And whatever else I am,
it's just until I die.
And then I am just whatever I was.

Anonymous said...

Here and now ;)

studio lolo said...

ditto wow wow.

Mim said...

I have no idea.

human being said...

great reflections, Debra... really impressive and thoughtprovoking...

"I am, but only as I am now, not as I was, and not yet what I will be"

feel the same...
and surrender may mean 'not fighting against but going along'...

loved Jon's poem,too.

and happy 4th of July, my dear American friend...

Debra Kay said...

Hopper, you are more than your words, but your words are great.

HB-Happy Fourth of July for you too. When I was a child I loved the fireworks and felt national pride...and truly the holiday has evolved to celebrate our freedoms, not to celebrate our independence from British Rule....LOL. Before I understood the the evolution, I thought the holiday kind of bizarre-celebrating old news.

My wish is that people could identify with their nationalities to celebrate their bonds with a certain group of people who share the same, but not in a way that excludes all others or blinds them to their own faults.

Peace and Love to you all!

human being said...

oh Debra,
you are a fabulous humorist... a great thinker... and real human being...
and a true friend...
so happy to know you
a BIG hug

Forever Young said...

i live therefore i am! i suppose!