Sunday, February 8, 2009

Woops Sorry

I really didn't mean to leave a picture of foot gunk up for several days.

I had a lovely day of riding and horse work yesterday. Mr. Bailey and I executed several proper turns with him working off his hind quarters. It was a good day-he was just cranky as all get out and I had to make the ride happen-but it was good for both of us. And I took him for a long walk/graze afterward.

I stopped and bought 60 Cinderblocks (an entire truckload) and I am halfway through laying out my raised bed garden project. After my lunch settles I'll finish. It's been really cool working with the blocks, you can build a big impressive something in a fairly short time and that's good for the ego. Plus, the weight of the blocks pushed the truck down, yet I have been able to move that weight one block at a time-it's been a powerful lesson which I will meditate on as I finish up my project.


soulbrush said...

be careful please.slowly does it. don't overdo things.

studio lolo said...

I'm so laughing at the word verification and I haven't even written a comment yet!! It's (sorest) by the way!! Which you may very well be after lifting and moving so many cinder blocks.

Are you going to grow veggies for you and waddle-ver?

The day with the horse sounds magical :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A truck load of blocks will have your muscles barking for sure. Take care.

Debra Kay said...

Not only did I get the blocks set, I went and bought pea gravel and lava to line the bottom of the beds. I'll order a truck load of dirt for filling the beds, the bag method would take far too long.

The small bed is for herbs everyone except the snakes is big on herbs. The big bed is going to have some string beans, some cauliflower, maybe some cabbage, and a couple of tomato plants. If I do cages, I can also squeeze in a couple of squash and cukes. I do have some pots set aside for Waddlevers peppers.

yoon see said...

Yeah take care is the word.
Happy cactus monday!

studio lolo said...

Too bad you can't grow a vineyard full of craps for my feathered friend :D

Hee-heeee, another funny word verif. "Spold"

Waddle-ver is a very spold bird!Spold rotten! You know I'm just kidding right?
Ain't nothing rotten about him!

Debra Kay said...

I may get one crap vine.