Monday, February 23, 2009

Prickly Pear

With permission from Jim Wakeland on one of my Yahoo Groups. I feel a bit prickly myself today.


Echo said...

Ahhhhh, but this prickly pear is hiding its prickles. Dangerous business.

Teri C said...

WHOO HOO!!! these are beautiful, but more are here!!!


marianne said...

Wonderful pictures noo cactus to be seen by all these flowers!
Happy Cactus Monday!

soulbrush said...

colourful way to feel prickly. hcm to you anyway.

studio lolo said...

But you had such a special day yesterday.

This is a stunning photo by your friend.

You can't be feeling too prickly if you showed up :)
Keep showing up okay? We like it when you do.


Debra Kay said...

Showing up is the first step to brilliance, right?