Wednesday, February 4, 2009

HAW, that chick is losing it!

She knew she had plans with her father for Tuesday, and what comes after Tuesday? Animal Wednesday!!!!! She was in the act of logging in to the blog to write about her day when I caught her. UH UH-NO! I get one day a week and I'm not about to share it.

We did have a nice moment this week. I was flying around the house and then got ready to go back. I was pooped, so I started walking and she came up, didn't have a perch, but offered me her hand. It was a big moment of trust for both of us. I stepped up without being told and was touched that she trusted me. I was so touched I didn't even give her a little nip.

I've figured out if I don't want to eat the pebbly things (preformed bird kibbles) that I can just throw them in my water bowl and she'll fuss, but she'll clean out the bowl. She's been feeding me more on the fruit veggie end these days-I may have been hitting the cheese and peanuts a little hard. Flying is difficult when you are too fat.

The small, inferior parakeets are terrified of me. They are fine if I stay across the room, but if I go near their cage they freak out. The woman says they think I'm a hawk, or maybe a fierce, harpy eagle. So now she calls me "The Harpy", but I still call myself Mr. Bird. I can get more syllables into the word bird than even that Okie woman. Mr. Biiiirrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr dddddd.
Heh heh. Haw haw haw.....HAWWWWWWWWWW!


studio lolo said...

Harpy? How funny!! I think if you don't lay off the cheese I may have to call you cheeseball! Or maybe Waddle-ver :D
Thank you for not biting your person. She needs her fingers to feed you craps!

HAW Waddle-ver!!

Debra Kay said...

Oooohhhhh, I like that! Waddle-ver, he's a pretty important pretty pretty bird. MISTER WADDLE-VER......aaaaaaaah. yes.

soulbrush said...

so oliver, now you are big birrrrrd...clever bigbirrrd, trusting big birrrrd. i know, you just like to keep the 'chick' on the hop all the time (ha ha when was I last called a chick?)

Mim said...

ooh Ollie - you big ferocious birdy - stay away from those little tiny baby birds and don't tease your human!
but anyway Ollie - HAWWWWWW

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Ollie you are the man. I mean bird.

Teri C said...

Oliver seems to be the neighborhood bully and even tries to bully his Mom.

You always have such cute stories to tell us on Wednesday. Makes me smile.