Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ooooooh HAW~ Thar She Blows!

OOOOOH, about 5 today the sky got dark and the sirens blew and blew. I got so annoyed. I yelled "GOOD LORD....NO NO NO! QUIET! " and the woman laughed at me. Those silly humans kept blasting away. It was funny though, the dogs howled and I got to yell at them too. Humans need all manner of things to tell them to come in out of the wind and rain. They aren't terribly smart.

I shared my apple with the parakeets and the dogs today. Everyone got a bite. I'm such a pretty good bird, aren't I?

The woman was going to take a picture of the big snake who is in shed and looks "ghostly", but the big snake was not feeling the love. I think the Teri woman will be glad. HAW!

The Prissy was bad today-bad dog bad dog. She was angry because Greta and Moon got to go for a truck ride, and she got out and ran down the street. The Prissy has almost as big an ego as I do, but she's not as pretty or clever. Dogs never are.

The woman is speaking to me about being in charge of a new puppy. I've never trained a puppy before-it might be pretty interesting. I'm already really good at giving commands and clicking-heh heh heh heh.....I do love to boss things around.

OOOOOH, I had a lovely bath yesterday. Sorry, no pictures, I don't like nekkid pictures of me on the internet. HAW!!!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver I am delighted to hear that you are keeping your flock in control. The woman needs all the help she can get.

A puppy will make those other dogs seem like no problem at all. However puppies are much more fun to cuddle. They are soft and warm.

Happy Animal Wednesday to you and your woman.

Mim said...

Aw come on Ollie - lets see a nekkid picture of you - that would be a treat for all of us human girls. Good thing that the big wind didn't come along and strip off all your feathers - woo hoo would you be cold.
Hey, when did you change your vocabulary from "slims" to "dogs'. Very impressive,
HAW Olliver

studio lolo said...

I read about the wrath of the latest tornadoes!! You should be glad you have those loud siren warnings, Waddle-ver!

Please behave with the new puppy. Maybe you two could be best buds and then you'd start to love the slims! fat chance?

HAW pretty bird!

Debra Kay said...

I know a lot more than I used to. I know the Prissy is the name of that animal, not all the ones like her. I know the big one is called Moon. I am a very smart, pretty bird. Now, someone bring me an apple!

soulbrush said...

we gals all wanna see oliver nekkid...shall i send you whip for that new ball of fluff? dunno how you put up with that human woman of yours oliver, you have an inordinate amount of patience.

Debra Kay said...

HAW!!!! I don't need a whip-have you seen my fierce beak? That woman calls me feet "talons". I'm a big eagle parrot! I like it when she calls me "The Harpy"....heh heh heh. Right now I'm fussing at the dogs, then making yelping noises to demonstrate how they'd sound if I really cut loose on them.

The woman and I are each realizing how the other communicates. Humans give names to everything, like the Prissy, or craps. I give sounds to things, and can tell stories with sounds. We watched a show about an African Grey named Alex that was heavily studied and learned human speech. I wondered why the BIRD had to do all the work?

I like MY situation much better. Multi species, with plenty of space for everyone to get away from each other if we need to. I need lots of space myself. I'm not like a BUDGIE, all huddled together and fussy....HAW HAW-those birds crack me up!

Debra Kay said...

I am speaking (Debra Kay)-Oliver is making word combos that I don't use, but he still gets the concept right. Like just now he was talking about how I go outside-(What I usually say when the door opens is "Back" to the dogs, indicating I want space). Oliver's version of that event was just "GOOD LORD> GET BACK-AAAAAGH!!!!!" which is actually pretty accurate of how I feel sometimes. Then he laughed-he got that part right too. Ok, I'll be quiet now.