Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HAW HAW what the heck?

GOOD LORD!!!! What a commotion. The woman brought in another slim, err, dog. It threw a howling fit during MY opera time and I told it QUIET QUIET. What is wrong with people? Raising a fuss during opera time is not ok.

The woman is so funny-she never just ushers a critter in and shows it all around. No, she keeps it seperate, and then SLOWLY introduces us to it, as if we don't KNOW that it's there. We ALL know it's there, but she keeps mumbling something about not overwhelming the puppy. Geeze, if the puppy can't take some civil conversation, it should just pack it up and go elsewhere.

I did get a new bag of craps though. I'm trying to watch my figure. The woman gave a couple to the parakeets who were too small and stupid to even eat them. Oh, I forgot, the littlest, weakest one died last week. It never molted once-I guess the stress of all it had been through was just too much. It was the grey one too and the woman was sad because she said it never had a chance. I watched her cradle it, and I knew not to interrupt or say anything rude. At least its last weeks were spent in a safe, warm, bright place. Still, like I said before, what's wrong with people?

The picture is of the new creature and The Prissy. The Prissy is not amused at all-ha ha ha. Of all of us, she is the most narcissistic-she'd really be happy as an only child somewhere. Maybe in a previous life she killed all her siblings and now has to come back as a very small dog in a very large household......HAW! Karma is such a bitch.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver, you will learn to tolerate the puppy. It sounds like you are enjoying the winter. Haw.

Teri C said...

Hilarious!! Thanks for the smiles this am.


studio lolo said...

Another slim???? We knew it was coming and decided not to tell you. Why ruffle your feathers ahead of time?

Poor little keet :( Like you said, at least his last days were filled with love and sunshine.

Be careful about karma Oliver. I heard it can bite you in the cloax!
:D HAW!!!

word verification, I swear!! "narciste"

Debra Kay said...

HAW HAW HAW!!!!! I got peanuts for breakfast today-who cares about slims? There was a lot more commotion about dirt for the garden-something about ordering 8 yards and having 13 delivered-you would have thought someone dumped gold or craps in the woman's yard-she was running around trying to find places to put it....HAWWWWWW!

soulbrush said...

now now oliver, do not overwhelm the puppy...i love that word overwhelm, what's the opposite ....underwhelm?
you are actually a very thoughtful bundle of feathers, and sensitive too. okay i won't tell anyone i promise. haw to you too - oh mighty one, who is still king of all he surveys.

Debra Kay said...

Yes, I'm very thoughtful. When I was ordering the woman to give me part of her banana, I also decreed she should give some to the parakeets too! The little pests were so delighted-I am sure they never got sweets where they came from.

MuseSwings said...

Oliver - I can certainly understand where you'd be upset abut the opera time interruption! After all, a bird's gotta sing! Sorry about the little parakeet - at least he was safe and warm and loved - and I'm sure you sang to him.