Friday, February 13, 2009


Dreams come and go, some come true, some never do
Others arrive in ways you'd never expect
Maybe it's all a dream.


Mim said...

Nah - it's all a movie

Sorry Deb - it was the first thing that popped into my mind --- I do like this little poem.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like your poem.

Happy Valentines Day. Give Oliver and the gang a big hug.

soulbrush said...

nope, for me it's all too real, wish i could dream more. ho hum HVD to you and that wonderful house filled with love.

marianne said...

Lovely poem!
Hope Love come to you today not only in a dream.........

Debra Kay said...

Honestly, it's been more like a sitcom and I'm lucky I lost my pride and a thousand dollars and not my ass. I almost jumped into a partnership that looked go on paper and didn't quite hold up. It's only funny because the bad things that could have happened didn't and I learned a valuable lesson.

People want to believe their dreams are going to come true so badly, they will ignore all kinds of big gaping flaws. And, as always, it's when someone is trying to HURRY you along that the slip ups happen.

There was (I believe) no malice involved-I just didn't fully comprehend that the person I was about to jump into business with has probably middle stages of dementia, and it's up to ME to pull back on the reins and say no. And it was fun to walk the horse property and imagine owning it and having it full of horses.

(Of course, I am sure all three of us were seeing ourselves alone and not with the others....LOL). HOLY SHIT.

I am going going to try to recoup my thousand dollars, but if I don't, it serves my dumb ass right, and if I DO, I will pay it forward someplace where it can give someone else a dream-because that's what I was buying. I have this weird sense of justice, don't I?

kj said...

debra kay, sounds like the least of it is that you'd be happy around horses one way or another. that's a good starting point, girl.

i hope you get your $$ back. if not, maybe sometimes wisdom costs that much.


studio lolo said...

There must have been a feeling in your gut that you paid attention to...even if it was too late "deposit" wise. A thousand bucks is a lot to lose and hard to swallow. Thank goodness that's all you lost though. Don't let the dream be lost. Delayed perhaps :)

I love this quote which I thought I already left here. Blogger must have eaten it again.

"If you shoot for the moon and miss, you'll still be among the stars."

That sounds like a good place to land.

Better days ahead my friend.