Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Give me this day....

It's sad when you wake up and immediately get a knot in your stomach thinking about how to survive the day. So much to do, so much to unravel. The Boogy Man is at work, the Boogy man also lives in Oklahoma-so many terrors to face-failure, ridicule. Decisions suck.

Why do we have to make everything a right/wrong choice? Why can't it be this is the choice I made, and this is what the result was....no value judgement added.

Time to mentally say "back off-give me space". My home, my office, my birthplace have all suddenly turned into uncharted territory-that happens when you let go of beliefs and other notions you've long held. Hell, people pay thousands to go down the Amazon, and the jungle was right here in my own backyard!

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